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Cooperative Parenting Classes

Eight week course dedicated to teaching parents communication skills and conflict resolution skills.

Cooperative Parenting Classes

Supervised Visitation

Providing Parent Time for non-custodial parents with their children in a supportive, unbiased environment.

Supervised Visitation

Safe Exchange

Providing a place for parents to transfer their child(ren) at a safe, secure site without interaction or contact with the other parent.

Safe Exchange

Welcome to Parenting Time Center

Parenting Time Center provides a safe, neutral and convenient location for supervised visitation between children and their non-custodial parents. We also provide a safe, neutral and supervised location for the visit and custodial exchanges of children between parents. No parents encounter one another at PTC. Contact a representative today to discuss our offerings.

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Parenting Time Center accepts a variety of families. Self-referral is encouraged: just call. Some cases are referred when there is an issue of domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse or criminal activity that would bring the child's safety into question when having contact with the non-custodial parent.

Other cases are referred when there are fact-finding issues or when the non-custodial parent chooses to have a neutral person supervise their contact with the child. Other cases are considered as the court and/or administrators of The Parenting Time Center deem appropriate.

"I believe that by having a supervised visit this will help the children feel safe. Many times these children have witnessed and experienced more than a child EVER should, and even though they may be fearful of a non-custodial parent, they still love that parent."

Executive Director, Vanderburgh County CASA

"You have made it possible for me to know my daughter. Thank you."

A visiting father

"I am so happy to come here and see my mommy."

A child

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