My time at The Parenting Time Center is an experience I'll never forget. PTC helped me identify high risk factors to our family unit and then helped us work through those risks in the healthiest way possible. By the time I was no longer required supervised visits, I had the most amazing support group of professionals guiding me. I was able to identify and rectify problem areas in my parent/child and parent/parent relationships. Fast forward a few years later and my ex husband and I now co parent without the help of courts, lawyers, and community resources. Kathryn and her team have maintained a knowledgeable, supportive relationship with my family, even though our time as clients has officially come to a close. PTC gave us a place to come together and focus solely on the kids as our high-conflict divorce played out in the court system. Because of PTC and the work that I put in, I was able to vindicate myself as a parent and had the word of court appointed professionals to support my claims. This is an invaluable service provided to families in the tri state area.

Tarah Williams

This is a much-needed resource in the Tri-State community. PTC supports children and parents, helping to create safe environments for children and restore families.

Jessica Welcher

Parenting Time Center is a resource for our community that no other organization provides. Their mission is to improve the families in our community

Amy Bouchie

What a Wonderful Organization that puts children first. Thank you Kathryn Zelle for your commitment & devotion.

Sue Lamb reviewed Parenting Time Center - 5 star