Our MISSION is to empower parents and children to create positive relationships in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our VISION is to break the generational cycle of fragile families through services, partnerships, and collaboration.

Opened in 2009, Parenting Time Center was a dream realized for Kathryn Kornblum-Zelle and Kay Pechin. Family law attorneys for over two decades, they witnessed family after family torn apart by custody battles leaving innocent children victims of emotional damage. Having no professional place to exchange children, parents resorted to public parking lots and relatives houses often resulting in the opportunity for further conflict and even violence.

Feeling compelled to help these children and give them a safe site to interact with their parent; they opened Parenting Time Center, the only professional supervised visit and exchange center in a nine-county area of Southwestern Indiana, as well as Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky.

Our professional staff work with families of all backgrounds in a safe, secure environment to empower children to create a positive relationship with their parent and to direct the parent on appropriate child-parent interaction.

Everyday, we continue working to stop the generational cycle of dysfunction and create healthy families in the Tri-State. Each child comes to us, a victim of family conflict. Here at Parenting Time Center, they are given a voice and knowledge of how to have a healthy relationship with their parent.