Providing Parenting Time for non-custodial parents with their children in a supportive, unbiased environment. Our staff works with parents to direct them on appropriate parent-child interaction in safe and secure family rooms. Parents have the opportunity to play with their children, eat a family dinner, assist them with homework and projects, etc. We work with parents to help them gain parenting skills and effectively communicate with their children.


Providing a place for parents to transfer their child(ren) at a safe, secure site without interaction or contact with the other parent. This eliminates the opportunity for conflict and allows children to have a stress-free experience when transferring from one parent to the other. We schedule staggered pick-up and drop-off times to insure both parent and child needs are met.
(Safe Exchanges can only take place at Parenting Time Center.)


8 week course dedicated to teaching parents communication skills and conflict resolution skills. Cooperative parenting is a technique used by families in which both sides work to keep conflict low. This strategy can sometimes improve the lines of communication between parents. The purpose of this class is to give parent's tips on how to discuss their child and his/her needs in a healthy way.